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The information contained on the Blind SRL website is subject to the terms and conditions set out below.


All contents - textual, photographs, info-graphics, videos and other multimedia materials - present on the Blind SRL sites are to be considered under license eg. Creative Commons CC BY-ND 3.0 [Attribution - No derivative works http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/it/deed.it]: they can be reproduced freely, but must always be credited to the reference channel .

You agree to use this site for legitimate purposes only.
The text and forms on this site, unless otherwise specified and in any case within the limits of this document, are subject to the terms of the license. Attribution - Non-commercial - No derivative works 3.0 Italy (extract - full license). Exceptions are: the logo, in any format; the header of the site with related images; the downloadable software.

It is not allowed to modify, copy, use, distribute or exploit in any way the contents covered by intellectual and / or industrial property rights of this site, which do not fall under the terms of the license indicated in the previous paragraph. In particular, the use of any software downloadable from the site must be subject to the terms of the relative license associated or enclosed with the software. All registered trademarks, service marks and names registered on this site are trademarks of their respective owners and therefore any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Published content and limitation of liability

Blind SRL prefers the website as a primary information channel towards users. Our goal is therefore to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive information. In the event that the user finds errors or incompleteness, he can report it to the competent office which will promptly update the data. Sometimes, for completeness of the information, it is necessary to resort to external resources (e.g. regulatory texts, software, etc.), over which Blind SRL has no control and therefore cannot guarantee their correctness or reliability and therefore does not assume no responsibility.

We also remind you that, with the exception of the cases provided for by current legislation, the information published is not official.

Blind SRL takes the utmost care in the quality of the information published. Nevertheless, in relation to the great variety of sources used, internal and external, and the large number of pages available, it is good to keep in mind that with the passage of time the information could lose its validity and reliability. It is therefore advisable to read, where present, the date of the last update published on the page consulted.

Blind SRL declines all responsibility for any harmful consequences that may arise for users from involuntary inaccuracies or material errors in the information. It also reserves the right to modify the contents of the site and of these notes at any time and without prior notice.

Blind SRL is responsible for minimizing malfunctions attributable to technical problems. However, part of the data or information on the pages may have been inserted or structured in archives or formats that are not free from errors, therefore Blind SRL cannot guarantee that the service will not suffer interruptions or that it is not otherwise affected by such problems.

What can be downloaded from these pages may be covered by copyright, rights of use and / or copy of the respective owners, therefore we invite you to check the conditions of use and rights. Blind SRL is explicitly relieved of any responsibility for any violation by the user of the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Forwarding to external sites

Blind SRL assumes no responsibility for the content of the sites that can be accessed through the links placed within the site itself, provided as a simple service to users. Their presence does not imply either the approval of the contents presented therein or any form of assurance as to the quality of the services or products available therein.

Computer Viruses

Although Blind SRL adopts constantly updated protection systems, it does not guarantee that the site is not affected by viruses or is free from execution errors that may be generated by them. Blind SRL assumes no responsibility for damage suffered by the user due to such destructive elements.
The legislation in force in the territory of the Italian Republic applies to this site.

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